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Is it hard to match the color of my paint?

Nov 17
Is it hard to match the color of my paint?

Almost all colors can be matched by creating an illusion. Carstar Douglas Auto Body employs highly skilled paint professionals who are factory trained using state of the art computer equipment to assure colors are matched to manufacturer’s standards.

Carstar Douglas Auto Body the following steps to ensure your satisfaction with the color match.

  1. Your vehicle has an information label that includes a paint code. This code identifies the color of your car.
  2. Our computerized paint-mixing system includes the standard color for your car and known variants. The database of known variants is important because in the vehicle manufacturing process there is some variability (such variations typically occur between paint lots or between factories). We check for the best match among these base colors and their variants.
  3. A perfect match usually cannot be obtained by tinting alone.
  4. Blending is used to fade the freshly painted finish into the original. Between tinting and blending, the color match area becomes completely invisible.
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