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At Carstar Douglas Auto Body & Paint, we provide the highest quality auto body repair. We offer 24/7 accident support and towing assistance to get you back on the road quickly. Our Auto Factories Certified Collision Center in Pasadena, CA provides collision repair, dent repair, dent removal, bumper scrape and other auto services. We repair all makes and models, set up tow, arrange rental-car, work with most insurance companies and offer a lifetime warranty.

Our Collision Specialists Team Ready to help you in all your auto body repair needs, making complex accident repair process easy and simple for you…

Your Vehicle Drop Off

We at Carstar Douglas Auto Body we know that you want your car back as soon as possible, we are here for you making the complex car accident repair easy and simple.

  1. Easy Phone or Online Scheduling
  2. Fast and simple Accident vehicle Drop Off 
  3. Pre Approve Insurance Collision Claims 
  4. Express Rental Car with Enterprise or Hertz
  5. Pick-up Vehicle or Shuttle Assistance
  6. Reliable Tow Set-up Assistance 
  7. Streamline Accident Vehicle Inspection

With Lifetime Warranted express collision repairs process we will restore your vehicle accident back to their original its factory look and specifications, and helping you to go back to your way of Life where you needed to be and what matters the most. Your Safety and Your Happiness

Your Vehicle Repair Process

Carstar Douglas Auto Body streamline accident repair process is second to none, with 15 Point Collision Repair Process, auto manufacture certified accident repair, cutting-edge automobile factory training – guidelines, we restore your vehicle accident repair back to its original look and specifications.

We are with you in every step of the repair process, communicating with you and caring for your vehicle in every stage of the collision repair process:

1- Accident vehicle inspection / Estimate prepared.

2- Insurance approval / Negotiations.

3- Parts ordered if needed.

4- Parts received.

5- Vehicle scheduled in for repairs / Owner signs repair authorization.

6- Vehicle disassembled / Inner damage inspection.

7- Estimate or Supplement Report written and approved.

8- Additional parts ordered if necessary.

9- Scheduled completion date given.

10- New panels installed / Body repairs completed.

11- Primed / Sealed / Corrosion protected.

12- Refinishing with BASF-Glasurit Factory Approved paint.

13- Reassembled, Wheels aligned / Camera / Computer reset-calibrated. 

14- Detailed, Final Quality inspected and Test Driven.

15- Owner notified of Completion with Delivery Confirmation.

Making the repair process simple and efficient makes your experience more than just a vehicle repair, it is about you and going back to your life with peace of mind that you and your vehicle will be cared for.

Your Vehicle Ready For You

Customer satisfaction and professionalism goes hand by hand, with our Concierge Express Service you will pick up your vehicle with peace of mind that your vehicle’s accident have been restored back to original factory look and specifications 

  1. 3D Scan and Advance Test
  2. ADAS System Check & Calibrate
  3. Final Quality Check
  4. EV System Test and Update
  5. Final Check Every Detail

Your vehicle’s system tested, calibrated, updated and the final quality checked with attention to every detail making it ready for you.

Customer satisfaction and professionalism goes hand by hand, with our Concierge Express vehicle pick up we are here to care for you

  1. Your vehicle ready on time
  2. Express line sign and vehicle Pick up
  3. Shuttle Service in Pasadena
  4. Pre-Arranged Shuttle Assistance or Delivery
  5. At Shop Rental Car Drop Off 
  6. Lifetime Warranty Repair

Your vehicle repair is complete and have been restored back to original factory look and specifications, at pick up time the collision specialist will go over the your vehicle’s completed repair and Lifetime Warranty by focusing what matters the most Your Safety and Your Happiness, we are always here for you and all your vehicle repair needs. 

At Carstar Douglas Auto Body Once You Are Our Customer You Are Our Friend For Life…

Old World Craftsmanship with Latest Technology

Integrity, Quality, Craftsmanship, and Trust, these are not just words for our Carstar Douglas Auto Body Family Team they are part of our heritage and our Care for you since 1956.

Our Promise…

Honest, Quality and Express Collision Service


Making Complex Collision Repair Easy and Simple for You…


Factory Certified Repair with Lifetime Warranty