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6 Benefits Of Choosing A Tesla Certified Body Shop

Tesla Approved Body Shop

Buying your Tesla electric vehicle was certainly an investment, but 100% worth it. Teslas are top-rated by owners for so many great reasons — the driving experience, comfort, style, climate system, audio, and value. (And besides, they’re a lot of fun!)

Now it’s important to protect your investment so you can continue to enjoy the Tesla experience for years to come. Trust your vehicle only to a Tesla certified body shop. Here’s why.

1. Extensive Training on Tesla Vehicles

Tesla Motors demands high standards from its body shop network and handpicks a select few repair shops, such as Carstar Douglas Autobody, for certification. Tesla’s rigorous training program forms a mandatory part of the certification process. Qualifying technicians are trained in-depth on over two dozen aspects of working with Tesla vehicles!

2. Mandatory Certifications

Another aspect of Tesla’s body shop authorization is the need for extensive documentation. This includes all locally required permits and licenses, plus current proof of insurance. Tesla also demands up-to-date I-CAR certifications in aluminum and steel welding, for at least two technicians on staff. Carstar Douglas Autobody fulfills every one of these specifications. In fact, all our body shop crews are operated by I-CAR certified techs.

3. Top of the Line Equipment

In their quest for quality, Tesla Motors also specifies the type of equipment and tools that all authorized body shops must have on hand.  Carstar Douglas Autobody is proud of our top-tier, contemporary body shop facilities. We use only the best equipment, tools, products, and materials.

4. Authentic Tesla Parts

To restore your Tesla to its peak original appearance and functionality, repairs done with authentic Tesla parts are a must. Be aware not every collision repair shop is authorized to sell certain OEM Tesla parts. High voltage components, and specific components attached via structural adhesive, welding, or permanent fasteners, are only sold by Tesla-approved body shops … like  Carstar Douglas Autobody

5. Limited Lifetime Warranty

Tesla warranties their new vehicles for 80,000 kilometers or a period of 4 years, whichever comes first. Extended coverage is provided for the Battery and Drive Unit, according to the model you purchased. Having your car serviced by a non-Tesla certified body shop might affect your coverage, especially if problems arise with the work — a worry which you will not have with  meticulous collision repairs. (For more information, contact Tesla’s body shop support.)

6. State-of-the-Art Facilities

Carstar Douglas Autobody offers you a state-of-the-art Pasadena facility to service your Tesla electric vehicle. Book an appointment with us. Whenever time you select, you will be sure to receive the finest Tesla-approved automotive service.

Your Tesla Is in Good Hands with Carstar Douglas Autobody

As your local Tesla certified body shop, trust Carstar Douglas Autobody to take great care of your car in Pasadena. We are fully authorized in Tesla repair and maintenance and will expertly care for your car in accordance with the terms of your warranty.